Business Law

Dealing with public and private business relations is easier with our professional help.

Criminal Law

We work with top executives to help them make better decisions regarding criminal cases.


We have the training and technology to bring your case to court, or to defend your rights.

Employment Law

We determine if there is a liability on the part of our client and defend against any payment.

Family Law

We will be attending court sessions to get the final resolution for the current family case.

Labour Law

Whether a worker, a union or an employer, you must know when your rights are violated.

Personal Injury Law

Claims against employers, general liability claims, subrogation actions, and compensations.

Property Law

Our attorneys are experienced and highly skilled in all aspects of property law trial work.

We Build Trust

and deliver outstanding results


Reddy Attorneys has years of individual practice and experience which extends to both criminal and civil matters with an extensive footprint locally and nationally. 

We offer expert legal advice and action in most areas of law. Our legal team is proactive, precise and has in depth knowledge and proficiency in local, national and international Laws.  

We distinguish ourselves by offering the active involvement of experienced lawyers. Our team can tackle the most complex commercial legal matters, advise in high-end transactions and corporate restructuring procedures as well as represent clients in criminal proceedings, commercial litigation and arbitrations.

We protect the innocent and help our clients fight for their rights. Our lawyers have won the majority of the cases in a record time.
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